About Amateur Riders’ Club

Amateur Riders’ Club History

The Amateur Riders’ Club was founded in 1942 by people who owned horses that were stabled at the Governor’s bodyguards where the Regional Transport Office is presently situated at Tardeo. The Governor’s bodyguard stabled as many as 95 horses which included some of the horses owned by members of the Amateur Riders’ Club. The first President of the club was the late Sir John Beaumont, and the Vice Presidents were Sir Alexander Gray and Mr. E. B. Ghaswalla. Mr. Vithal Mehta and Mr. Pravin Gandhi were the Jt. Hon. Secretaries and Mr. Vasant Banker and Mr. HH Daulat were amongst the committee members.

After 1945 a stable complex was rented from H.H. The Maharaja of Gwalior. The Club acquired 4 of its own horses and since 1954 is providing equestrian facilities to its members and also training students of the Bombay Veterinary College.

In 1957 the Hon’ble late Shri Yeshawantrao B Chavan and the Hon’ble late Shri Morarjee Desai became Patrons of the Club. Various people who played an important role in the early history of this Club were the late H.H. Maharaja Scindia of Gwalior, Mr. J Doongersey, Sir Nowrosjee Wadia, Mr. Homi Vakeel, Mr. Karl Khandalawala, Dr. S. Captain, Mr. Byramji Tata and the late Mr. C.C. Chokshi. The club greatly benefited greatly from the spontaneous support received from H.H. Maharaja Sir Jiwajirao Scindia of Gwalior, who sponsored the building of extensive premises and stables on Gwalior property at Worli.

The first mounted sports were held in Matheran in the summer of 1943 and since then they are being held at Mumbai every year along with Polo tournaments, Gymkhana races and other equestrian activities. The Club entered a new phase in its activities with the advent of Independence of India.

The lovable late Mr. Jimmy Bharucha then took over in 1963. The club saw even greater heights in various equestrian sports during Mr. Jimmy Bharucha’s distinguished service of twenty-five years. Today ARC proudly stables 30 horses of its own and 100 horses of its members. Today the Amateur Riders’ Club is amongst the premier institutions of its kind in the country. The present stable complex was occupied in January 1977 and we will always be deeply indebted too the late Mr. C.C. Chokshi and his Committee for making this possible. The club today is the single largest civilian equestrian body in India having a membership of about 1400 members.

The club’s polo activities are entirely due to the magnanimous efforts of Col. Maharaj Premsingh, the famous international polo player who introduced this game in the club as far back as 1950. Not only did he guide the club but also supported it by his personal direction and efforts and also providing good polo ponies to the club at a very nominal price. Mr. H V Mariwala played an important role in the revival of polo during the seventies. The young and dynamic Mr. Ajay G Piramal as well as Mr. Suresh Tapuriah took the club from strength to strength and to greater glory and put it on the international map with holding the polo tournaments with international and professional players. As time changes customs, trends, fashions turn stale as the “old order changeth-yielding place to new”. The Amateur Riders’ Club looks forward to better achievements and greater usefulness to the horse loving fraternity in the city of Mumbai.